Regardless of medium (iPhone/iPad apps, online media, software, video, print, tabletop, etc.), Sandcastle can help you with:

Concept & Design:

• Manage/contribute to brainstorming
• Oversee concept design and development
• Write specs – preliminary to final
• Create storyline, scripts, character design, etc.
• Collaborate with designers, graphic artists, and art directors


Educational and Edutainment Content:

• Assess for developmental appropriateness
• Correlate with national and state standards
• Create problem sets, “ramping,” and educational content development
• Devise educational goals and objectives

Project and Team Management:

• Manage entire project and all resources, from concept to shipping
• Interface closely with all departments: marketing, engineering, art, etc.
• Devise and oversee budgets
• Devise and oversee timeline



• Oversee marketing strategy, campaign development, and branding efforts
• Strategize and spearhead social media efforts
• Conduct market research and create, administer and analyze surveys
• Compile competitive product analyses and comparisons
• Plan, implement, and supervised initial focus groups and end-user research

…and much more. Let’s chat about how we can help you!


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