Sandcastle Educational Consulting

With three decades of experience developing educational media for companies like Disney, Edmark, Microsoft,
The Learning Company, Educational Insights
, and Humongous Entertainment, we can help you create educationally sound and engaging products and bring them to the marketplace. 



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Creative content development, project management, and marketing services for youth-focused media

When should an experienced media consultant be part of your production team for digital, video, print, or tabletop products for kids and families?

BEFORE Production:

• Market research and surveys
• Focus groups and pre-development playtesting
• Creative content development
• Learning objectives and curriculum standards
• Concept and spec development

DURING Production:

• A-to-Z project management
• Collaboration with engineers, artists, writers, etc.
• Ongoing developmental assessment and content analysis
• Story development and script consultation

AFTER Production:

• Assessments, surveys, and play testing
• Peripheral materials and activities development
• Social media and marketing efforts
• Educational evaluation and ongoing consultation



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